Vibro-Acoustics Website

Site architecture and interaction design

Client: Vibro-Acoustics

Vibro-Acoustics is a leading provider of noise control and vibration isolation & restraint system solutions for commercial, educational and healthcare buildings. In early 2017, the company initiated the redesign of their customer-facing website to improve their online presence. The existing website would be replaced by three separate websites – one for each business unit: Noise Control, Vibration Isolation & Restraint Systems, and Indoor Climate Systems.

Working alongside the Marketing and web development teams, I helped build the structure and skeleton for two of the three websites. For the Vibration Isolation & Restraint Systems website, I designed the Applications pages that would allow users (mechanical engineers and contractors) to learn how different products can be applied to various types of HVAC equipment.

Based on the structure, the visual interface design was completed by the internal Marketing team. The new sites launched in September 2017.

Product Page Types
Applications Page Concept
Applications Page (Mobile Concept)