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Trans Inclusion Training

Trans inclusion training for non-trans (cisgender) employees

Services: Instructional Design

Diversity and inclusion has been a hot topic in recent years. One of the groups most affected by issues surrounding workplace diversity and inclusion are individuals who identify as transgender. According to Trans Pulse, among transpersons in Ontario:

  • 13% had been fired for being trans (another 15% were fired, and believed it might be because they were trans).
  • Because they were trans, 18% were turned down for a job; another 32% suspected this was why they were turned down.
  • Additionally, 17% declined a job they had applied for and were actually offered, because of the lack of a trans-positive and safe work environment.

Numerous studies have also shown that an alarmingly high percentage of trans individuals – particularly trans people of colour – experience various forms of discrimination and violence at work. Given these challenges, how can training help create a trans-inclusive environment? In my attempt to answer this question, I designed a concept for my practicum in Adult Training and Development at Schulich School of Management.

Check back later for more details on this project. In the meantime, have a look at the curriculum I had designed below. 

trans curriculum