HIV/AIDS and its World Impact

An infographic on the HIV/AIDS pandemic

Services: Information Design

What would happen if world leaders fail to mitigate a growing pandemic? In the West, there are some that believe we are largely unaffected by the epidemics that concern other parts of the world. I wanted to challenge this misconception in an infographic by showing the interconnectedness of Western and Non-Western nations through the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Basing off statistics before 2007, I presented my findings by first dividing the world into two lines: one red for western countries and one blue for non-western nations. The subsequent effects of rising HIV/AIDS cases rest along each line as points. Several curved lines join these points to illustrate the transnational repercussions on the global economy, dragging both the red and blue lines to an intersection.

Today, 36.7 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS; 1.8 million of those affected are children who acquired the disease from their infected mothers. You can learn more about the global HIV/AIDS situation at