Welcome to Senso.

My name is Thomas Lai, the heart and mind behind Senso. I am a learning specialist, a multidisciplinary designer and artist. It may seem like I’m many different things, but actually they’re not so different as you might think. In fact, I managed to combine my interest in psychology and education with my visual design skills in a field called instructional design.

Information Design

There's more to information design (ID) than infographics. ID also encompasses web architecture, interface design, systems and technical writing. Whatever the output is, I can help you interpret information to convey meaning.

Learning Experience Design

Learning can happen anywhere these days. From assessment and analysis to storyboarding and prototyping, I work with SMEs to design engaging learning experiences.

Art Direction

Form and function evolve together. Taking a holistic approach, I can help you capture the essence of your subject using visual media.

Use Sensobility.

Our capacity to learn effectively depends on the methods by which we acquire new skills. Under the right conditions, anyone can grow to become bright and capable.