Let's make it sensibly.

Welcome to Senso. I’m Thomas, a communications and learning experience designer. Years of working in a technical industry have taught me the importance of clarity. My focus is on translating complex information into a form that is clear and easy to follow. With intellect and intuition, I will connect seemingly disparate ideas to develop new insights for your audience. Plus, I’ll make sure to add a human touch to everything we create. Collaborating with Senso is like having a personal chef. Just let me know who’s invited, provide some ingredients, and we will craft the perfect meal – made with Sensobility.

Content Writing

Clutter and ambiguity are obstacles to understanding. I can help you craft terse and incisive content that will inform, instruct, and inspire the people you are trying to reach.

Learning Experience Design

Learning can happen anywhere these days. From assessment and analysis to storyboarding and prototyping, I work with SMEs to design engaging learning experiences.

Art Direction

Form and function evolve together. Taking a holistic approach, I can help you capture the essence of your subject using visual media.


Embracing Plasticity

In a recent podcast, Waking Up author Sam Harris and tech-guru Kevin Kelly touched on the future of education. When asked what a young person today should study to prepare for emerging…

Trial at Sea

“You missed! It’s my turn,” says Brandon, gushing with excitement. He blurts out F-4, and flashes his eyes at me to hurry my response. I locate the coordinates on my board –…

The Peril of Passion

Passion is an immortal siren of potent allure. At five past six post meridiem, she springs from the first chords of Sonata, Opus 27, No. 2, illuminating the depository of memories that…

Use Sensobility.

Our capacity to learn depends largely on the conduit by which we attain knowledge. Under the right conditions, all minds can grow to become bright and capable.